Our Journeys Of Sight

are windows to the soul


Cataract surgery fail

When cataract surgery goes awry there’s no comfort to be found in the low failure rate. We have experienced accelerated glaucoma, obstructed angles and stents, blood backflow, antimetropia (one nearsighted eye and one farsighted), loss of 3-D vision, and the constant irritation and pain that accompanies corrective surgeries … It happened to me.

Retina fail

A retina that’s torn is like a curtain drawn on your sight. A highly skilled retina surgeon can make all the difference if seen in time. It happened to me.


Don’t ignore this silent thief of vision. You can never tell when it may accelerate. Mine did.


What do you need to know about this essential process of cataract surgery that uses a “phase foot pedal” to control ultrasound energy used to chop through your cornea, macerate your human eye lens, and vacuum out the slurry while maintaining complicated fluid dynamics of your eyeball? What if there is mechanical, electrical or battery failure and no redundant systems or spare parts in the operating room? It happened to me …

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Night blindness, loss of peripheral vision, loss of acuity, tunnel vision – rooted in genetics.

Shattered Retina

In the time it takes a bungee cord to snap back …

Eyes are windows to the soul …

ventanas del alma

Letter from Vincent to Theo van Gogh. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Tuesday, September 10, 1889 (Translation by Johanna van Gogh-Bonger)

Road with Cypress and Star – Country Road in Provence by Night by Vincent van Gogh, May 1890

  • My strength has been exhausted too quickly, but I can see from afar the possibility for others to do an infinity of beautiful things. And again and again that idea remains true, that to facilitate the journey of others it would have been good to found a studio somewhere in these parts.
  • To make the journey from the north to Spain in one go, for example, isn’t good, one won’t see there what one ought to see – one must first and gradually accustom one’s eyes to the different light.

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